Back to Day One

Looks like we're one month closer to our first IVF cycle.  CD1 again today.  I don't know why I continue expecting or hoping for anything different.  One more month of trying before we bring on the big guns and drain a significant portion of our savings.  I will be calling our clinic on Monday to schedule a sonohysterogram and trial transfer for some time next week.  Let the comparison shopping in search of the cheapest med prices begin. 


It's Always Something

Sometimes I just have to shake my head in disbelief and laugh at the fact that nothing ever seems to go smoothly in our journey to become parents.  I had many of these moments over the past week or so.  When we returned from our trip to Texas, I decided  to start seriously looking into IVF and what all it would entail.  I was familiar with the basics, but avoided getting into the nitty gritty until now because I was hoping that I wouldn't need to resort to IVF as an option.  Anyway, I went to one of our local big box bookstore and bought Infertility for Dummies since it has a pretty decent chapter on IVF and also some information on the adoption process.  As I was waiting in line, there was a young couple in front of me.  The woman was pregnant and they were purchasing baby name books.  After seeing the books they set on the counter, the cashier engaged them in conversation congratulating them on their baby, asking if this was their first, suggesting potential baby names and wishing them good luck before sending them on their merry way.  My purchase came next and I wonder what the cashier was thinking when I set my selection down on the counter because all she did was ring up my purchase and ask me if I wanted the receipt with me or in the bag.  The universe can be funny sometimes.

We also had an IVF consult at our clinic this week.  The appointment was scheduled for Wednesday at 3:30 p.m.  On Wednesday morning, one of the nurses called me to ask me if we could possibly come at 3:00 instead so that one of the nurses would have time to review what our anticipated protocol would be after the doctor met with us.  We arrived at 2:45, 45 minutes earlier than originally scheduled, and got in to see the RE with minimal wait time.  We were taken to the consult room where the RE reviewed our history with us, explained why IVF was a promising option for us, and discussed the IVF process with the aid of a power point presentation - except the computer wouldn't load the presentation even after he shut it down and tried to reboot it.  The RE said he had never had that problem before.  Of course the first time he ever had this problem would happen with us, why wouldn't it?

Then we were moved to another office where the presentation loaded.  Once we were done with the RE we were supposed to meet with one of the nurses, BUT all of the nurses had already left for the day even though they knew we had the appointment and requested that we come in earlier to accommodate them!!  Of course none of the nurses were there when they were supposed to be and now we were going to have to make an additional appointment for yet another day.  We also learned from the RE at this point that my favorite nurse will be leaving the clinic for a new position in another department within the larger hospital system.  Of course she is leaving just as we are about to commit to IVF - that's just what happens to us so I shouldn't be surprised. 

We went back to the clinic this morning to meet with the nurse to discuss the protocol we should have discussed on Wednesday.  Luckily, we got to meet with my favorite nurse.  We were planning to cycle next month, but as the nurse started going through our protocol she realized that our retrieval and transfer would fall during the week that the clinic will be moving to a brand new facility and that they weren't scheduling for that week so our cycle has to be delayed until August.  Can't anything work out the way we want it to??  I guess on the positive side, we still have this month and next month to hope for a pregnancy without IVF and if IVF is the route we ultimately do take, we will be doing it in a brand, spanking new facility that is just opening.  But seriously, what's with all of these hiccups along the way??