Today's Ultrasound

We saw a sac! But we weren't lucky enough to see a heartbeat yet. At 5w4d (based on my counting) I wasn't expecting to be able to see a heartbeat today, but it would have been more reassuring if we did.  Our RE said that everything looks exactly as it should at this point and that if he didn't know our history he would be very satisfied with today's ultrasound.  However, since he does know our history, he said he won't be satisfied until he sees us make it to three months under his care.  I am so glad to know that he is going to continue to monitor me closely even though we didn't have any medical assistance with this pregnancy.  We go back for another ultrasound next Tuesday when the RE expects to be able to see a heartbeat and make a determination as to whether this pregnancy is viable or not.

We also discussed the possibility of using heparin at this point and our RE was willing to start me on the injections today, but after some additional discussion we decided to see what happens without it.  I seem to have had more symptoms this time around and although I am still nervous about this pregnancy I also have a feeling of calm about it.  My symptoms seem to come and go though and that is driving me a little crazy.  I told my husband and my RE that I wish I would feel constantly pregnant just so I know everything is developing as it should be.

So we continue to hope that everything will progress without complications.

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