Still Doubling

Beta #3 today = 515.  That's up from 175 on Monday.  They want me to come in on Friday to get my levels again and then I will be scheduled for an early u/s next Wednesday or Friday.  By my calculations, I am 4w4d today.  At this point, everything looks good on paper, but I'm still very apprehensive given my past losses.  I am continuing with the progesterone suppositories and baby aspirin, but the RE isn't convinced that I need heparin or lovenox yet - that's according to the nurse anyway.  She didn't call me with today's results until almost the end of the day and I didn't ask to speak with the RE.  I think I am going to call tomorrow and ask to speak directly with him to find out what he is thinking and why.  On one hand, I don't want to do anything unnecessary, but on the other hand I think I would regret not trying something different this time if this pregnancy ends like my others.  I wish there was some magical way that I could look inside my uterus and see what is going on down there.  You know, like some sort of 24 hour video surveillance I could check in on whenever I felt like it just to reassure myself that everything is progressing as it should be.  Maybe I could try to invest in my own personal vag cam!  Wouldn't that be something?  Still hoping that this little one decides to stick around.


  1. Hmmm... I would kill for a personal vag cam. Someone should get on inventing that. So glad your betas are doubling!

  2. Yay for doubling!!!! Wishing you some sticky dust :)