2WW and then some

The first week of this 2WW is almost over.  I've developed some type of rash and have no idea if it is related to the progesterone or estrogen medications I am taking although both of the pamphlets I received from the pharmacy indicate that a rash could be the sign of an allergic reaction.  I didn't have this problem last month when I followed exactly the same protocol, but I can't figure out what else could be causing it.  I contacted my doctor's office earlier today and spoke to one of the nurses about it.  She said she would let the doctor know,he might want to see me and somoene would get back to me.  No one returned my called and due to certain work obligations I had today, I was stuck and unable to call the office back before it closed.  Due to my short luteal phase, I don't want to quit taking these medications so here's hoping the rash won't get worse before I call the office again tomorrow and hopefully get in to see our RE.

It then dawned on me that I what I really have is at least a 8-12WW if not a 36-40WW.  I don't trust the 2WW.  I guess that's what happens after being pregnant only twice in three years and miscarrying both times before 8 weeks.  Don't get me wrong, I will be ecstatic if I POAS this month and there are two lines (I've never been brave enough to do the digital tests for fear of actually seeing the words "NOT PREGNANT" loud and clear like they are blinking on a marquee sign taunting me).  But I will forever be extremely hesitant to truly believe two lines until I make it beyond the first trimester.  I will probably hold my breath every time I go to the bathroom until I examine my underwear and toilet paper and confirm there are no traces of any red or brown or a variety of colors on the spectrum between the two.  And even then, I doubt I will be confident in two lines until I actually bring a baby to term.

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  1. You are so right...when you get the positive test it is now the 10 week wait that turns into the 40 week wait. Us infertiles will always have this struggle!

    Oh - I love your blog name...great minds think alike!