I Hate HPTs

Against my better judgment I succumbed to the urge to POAS.  After my last post, I made it a full day without any more unwelcomed colored discharge so I took my evening dose of progesterone and decided to use the last FRER test I had when I woke up on Sunday morning (11dpiui).  Two lines quickly appeared! Sooner, quicker and darker than either of my last two pregnancies showed up.  I hate trusting the positive results; they give me hope.  While running errands yesterday afternoon, I bought two Equate HPTs and a box of two FRER HPTs.  I used one of the Equates around 3:00 pm and it, too, was positive!  Not a first morning urine, CD 29 and still unquestionably positive!  Starting to hope even more.  No spotting or anything all day yesterday.  This morning I used the other Equate test and got a third positive result.  Called and scheduled a blood test for tomorrow and wouldn't you know it, not less than two hours later, I start bleeding, reddish pink and enough to fill the liner I had on because of the progesterone.  I had to leave work early because I just couldn't stay there.  Called my RE's office.  The nurses were in a meeting and so the receptionist took a message and said she would have a nurse call me back.  It's been over two hours and no return call yet, probably because they are thinking, "silly girl, you tested too early."  I should have just waited until 14dpiui to test like the RE recommended because I would be none the wiser.  I'll probably be told that this was a chemical pregnancy.  I wish I knew why I can't stay pregnant.

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  1. Let me know what the nurse says. Lots of people spot when they are pregnant! My fingers are crossed for you!