Maybe not even a 2WW

10dpiui.  CD28.  Or could it be CD1 or the precursor thereto?  Or maybe it is this mythical implantation bleeding I've heard of.  I don't know.  What I do know is that when I woke up this morning the liner I put on last night after my evening dose of progesterone and before I went to bed greeted me with a light brown/creamy white mixture of sorts which I considered to be more-than-spotting, but less-than-AF.  Of course, I didn't realize this in my sleepy haze until after I relieved myself of my first morning urine.  Had I realized it before I relieved myself, I might have POAS just for good measure.  But let's face it, 10dpiui is probably too soon to test anyway and I would have just wasted another pregnancy test for no reason.  Over the past 3 years I've become pretty good at restraining myself from POAS prematurely despite the urge to do so.  After going through so many sticks, it just seems like a waste of money that I could be using toward a future round of IVF instead.  Honestly, I just wasn't expecting this today.  Every other time I've used progesterone suppositories I've made it at least to the two week mark before getting a BFN or having AF rear her ugly head in all her bright red glory.  So I decided to skip my dose of progesterone this morning because it seemed pointless.  I might as well save it for next month, right?  But as the day has continued on, I've had little to no spotting and now I'm wondering if I should have used the progesterone until I went out and bought some of the cheaper pregnancy tests just to make sure.  I guess I will see how the rest of the day goes and decide later what to do.  Truth is, I've become numb to the repeated disappointment.  Just a bunch of the same ol' crap, different month.

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